3” Round Taper Cut Tower Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower A419

SKU: A419
Height: 16″


Tower Features:
Polished Stainless Steel Tower will not pit or Chip Like Chrome
Taper back from brand name Display
3 MM Thick Stainless Steel 304 Base, for sturdy grip
Beer tower comes with:
1) Pre-assembled 5’ long NSF and FDA approved beer hose, which is unharmed by cleaning chemicals, fitted with 3/16” chrome-plated brass tailpiece, Chrome-plated Brass Hex nut Neoprene washer to connect with keg coupler.
2) Premium Quality Chrome plated Forged brass body faucet, with solid extruded brass rod lever, chrome-plated Shaft, Collar Nut, and included plastic handle for easy operations.
3) Premium Quality chrome plated extruded brass rod shank, coupling nut, flange, Solder welded S.S 304 elbow and brass hex nut.
4) Mounting Gasket and Mounting hardware.


National Sanitation Foundation