Glass Rinser Assembly Multiple Sprayer A553

SKU: A553


The portable cup washing machine rinser is an efficient way to clean all cups and vessels.
It allows you to clean the milk deposits and coffee stains.
The water will spray into the vessels and get them clean.
Perfect washing performance with cold water!
The pitcher rinsers won’t break the glass and could clean the lipstick and other besmirch
Easily and clearly! The rinser shut’s down once you
take off the vessels.
Water-saving more than 70%! Energy-saving and environmental!
Suitable for many types and sizes of glass/cup! Great washing tool for most restaurants, Coffee shops, and cafes.
Compact and light, you could put it anywhere! Easy to save and reuse.

Washing method: High-Pressure washing Cleaning speed:800pcs / h
Mounting hole size: 22mm